Uber has made a fascinating discovery, six months after getting into the bike game. The new cyclists who are circling on their Jump electric bicycles in San Francisco are more likely to continue riding their bikes; instead of riding one of their own omnipresent cars.

In other words, Uber is upsetting himself, and the company says they couldn’t be happier about it. “This is having a positive impact on the things that matter to cities…” said Andrew Salzberg, who leads the transportation and research policy at Uber.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, speaks during an event at the Uber DC Green-light Hub April 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Mobility advocates said Uber’s findings shows that people will happily take two wheels; instead of four if given the opportunity. These is something that the company hopes will lead cities to release restrictions on fleets of shared bicycles.

Uber began to dabble with electric bicycles in February. When for the first time they allowed users to book trips on a Jump bike through his application. As of July 1, total trips of new Jump users on the Uber platform increased by 15%; even when their trips in cars and SUVs decreased by 10%.

Transport experts said the Uber data highlights the potential of electric bicycles to rebuild cities. “This is an incredible opportunity to choose smaller vehicles, zero emissions, much better for cities, people budgets and the environment,” said Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar and leader of the new mobility efforts of the Institute of Resources World.