Monthly Archives: March 2020

The robot teacher, how will technology change the way we learn?

Since a few years ago technological advances began to gain exponentially, the complex relationships between humans and technology have gone through different phases. Of the misgivings and reservations in the initial moments, when the fear of a robotic life raged among a large number of digital laymen, little by little…


The end of the programmers as we know them

Automation and artificial intelligence will help new programming and design professionals deal primarily with business and customer experience. When talking about the professions that create start-ups for their new businesses, experts often identify a very clear need for professional profiles: developers. They find work easily, as the market absorbs all…


Meet the new Microsoft Office for Android that contains: Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single application

After three months of testing, and waiting, the new Microsoft office application is now available to everyone. We can now download the new Office for Android. Of course, for now only on our mobile devices, for tablets is not yet available. The new Microsoft Office for Android combines the company’s…